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We help you PREPARE …

Ideas need rich ground to grow, engaged teams that are open, receptive and ready for change

We help you GROW …

Ideas need care & attention. Specialist hands, experienced to help grow & shape.

We help you NURTURE …

Developing new ideas require team support & gentle encouragement.

We help you HARVEST …

For ideas to reach their full potential & achieve amazing results, they need supporting.


Jera Consulting

JERA Consulting combines 25+ years of proven retail management expertise and knowledge to provide services that aid businesses and individuals to adapt to the ever changing and volatile world they find themselves in.

Who we are

Jera's Approach

JERA’s approach is simple. To assist retail businesses or entrepreneurial individuals to choose the right ideas, techniques and strategic approaches in order to help their business grow and achieve their goals. JERA is adaptive to most sizes of organisation but consciously retains a personal approach that aims to collaboratively transform a business from within and with robust stakeholder buy-in. Through a process of getting to know the business and fully understanding its long term mission, core values and strategic goals, JERA can help a business and its team to define and ultimately achieve sustainable and lasting performance.

What We Do

Jera & Your Business

We live in an increasingly complex world and JERA recognises this. Through a commitment to aid retail businesses to positively adapt to uncertainty, JERA aims to help organisations and individuals deliver positive growth. Through a process of engaging in one-to-one programmes or through leading larger teams, JERA will provide insight, professional feedback and hands on support that will throw a spotlight on what is needed to achieve and maintain competitive advantage. By developing an agile mindset, design thinking mentality and by using emotional intelligence to steer the organisations teams, most businesses can learn to gain, and perhaps more importantly maintain relevance in todays ever-changing business world. By helping to develop a robust framework and nurturing organisational resilience in order to adapt to business threats, JERA can help you harvest positive results for you and your business.

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