JERA Consulting

JERA Consulting combines over 25 years of retail experience, the last 22 of which has been with one of the UK’s premium specialist sports retailers.  The founders experience, knowledge and insight, one that was shaped by an unblemished and proven management record has formed the foundation of JERA Consulting (JERA).  JERA provides products and services that aid businesses, in particular retailer to adapt to the challenging world they find themselves in and does so with careful attention to what matters.

Jera (pronounced: Je-rah) is modelled on the Norse j-rune which literally translates as “harvest, (good) year”.  It represents the idea that fruition of your plans, success in your endeavours and rewards for past efforts, are based on the work you do today.  JERA Consulting is designed to help businesses nurture their plans and deliver their full potential, starting today.

JERA’s founder, who’s career was crucial in steering a single retail unit to a 30 door omni channel retailer, has developed an approach that is adaptive to most sizes of organisation but yet retains a truly personal approach.  An approach that focused on investigating techniques to transform a business from within and with collaborative stakeholder buy-in.  Through the process of getting to know the business and understanding its core Mission, Values and Goals, JERA aids individuals and organisations to achieve sustainable change and lasting performance through embracing the idea of change and pivoting their business.  A process designed to achieve and maintain competitive advantage in todays business world.

We live in an increasingly complex world and by working with businesses to positively adapt to change and breakdown BAU practices, JERA aims to help the organisation deliver positive growth.  Through working closely with individuals through one-to-one programmes or larger team engagement, JERA Consulting will provide insight and professional feedback to all key stakeholders and decision makers.  The goal?  To help organisations shape and deliver business growth through developing an agile mindset and design thinking mentality.  By encouraging this emotionally intelligent position, JERA will help shape company culture, unify the organisation and align the business to objective and clearly defined goals.

With a strong and well-established network, JERA also uses trusted collaborators in order to provide a network of likeminded ‘partners’ to aid and nurture growth.  JERA is founded on a core set of guiding principles that have not only shaped a distinguished retail career but ones that have demonstrated that they can deliver positive results.


Retail Experience

“Knowledge is like a garden; if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested..” – Proverb