Understand … Review … Challenge

JERA Consulting can aid your company see current business challenges clearly, but also begin to see issues that are yet to emerge.

Businesses, especially those in retail can benefit from looking outside of their own walls and embracing the power of partnership. By utilising impartial and objective perspective they can gain valuable insight. Collaboration through a process of being open to new ways of thinking and by shared ideas the business can stay agile in todays economic climate.

JERA consulting enables businesses, through collaborative work, to understand the heart of their own business, the wider marketplace and the challenges and opportunities that may be available. JERA Consulting uses analysis techniques to establish the extrinsic drivers that shape a business, but also employs deep listening to take note of the intrinsic drivers as to WHY the business was founded and what it truly stands for. With over 25+ years of retail experience and by working from the shop floor up the layers of an organisation, JERA understands 'what' makes businesses work but perhaps more importantly how important its 'WHY' is in shaping lasting success.

Here are some examples of how JERA Consulting can assist you:

Team building

Help the organisation to build teams, structures and processes in order to generate a commercially focused team that is connected to the business and is focused on driving positive growth
Hourly rates and/or Project-based rates apply

One-to-One Coaching

JERA can help you quickly enhance the management and strategic skills of promising mid-level executives within your organization. Through multi-day or multi-session clients are taken through fun and stimulating exercises designed to develop self-reflection, critical analysis and objective insight into their professional careers. These one-to-one sessions are also designed to ensure participants receive the most relevant learning experience possible and based on their own unique needs.
Hourly rates and/or Project-based rates apply

Market approach

Aid the business to review and if necessary creating a path to market for their product or services. Help the business plan for a successful launch and look at the product with an objective and experienced set of eyes.
Project-based rates apply

Consumer Journey

Aid the business in identifying its consumers journey to purchase establishing key touch points for engagement which will assist in ultimately delivering a sale or lasting brand engagement.
Project-based rates apply

Marketing Audit

Review marketing activity, spend and budgets. Monitor agency relationships, teams and processes in order to offer recommendations on how to improve the ROI. Improving the role of marketing in the business, in order to fully connect and integrate the commercial/ financial side of the business to the creative team.
Project-based rates apply


Strategy … Project Managing … Commercial ROI

In order to have a robust, actionable plan you first need to have a clear set of objectives, an understanding of the commercial workings of your business and ultimately your product and end consumer. And that’s before you start building out a clear strategy and the practical elements of actioning the plan. Before any business pushes the proverbial button, it is important to invest quality time at the beginning in order to create a strong and robust framework to work with. The backbone of the business strategy.

JERA Consulting can work with individuals or teams to create the best quality brief and business plan. They are able to Identify your objectives, how these will be measured (KPI’s), and what success your look like to the organisation. What you sell is only part of the process; the how, who, when and where are also key elements that drive any business.

Here are some examples of how JERA Consulting can assist you:

Project Planning

Whether you have an urgent need to improve financial performance or a burning desire to reinvent your business to stay ahead of the competition, there are times when only a bold, comprehensive transformation program will do. We are able to provide the expertise, tools, and materials to help you align your team on a shared vision of what the future can be and mobilise the organisation to achieve it.
Project-based rates apply

Strategy Audit

In an era of disruption, strategy is more important than ever. We are able to offer creative solutions to develop and execute winning strategies. By using tools and a network of talented ‘partners’ JERA is able to engage, augment and by a process of mapping out a clear strategy aid organisations to mobilize for change, navigate uncertainty, and flex as needed. The goal? To achieve sustained, profitable growth.
Project-based rates apply

Environmental Audit (Macro)

Leading companies know that great products and services are necessary but not sufficient: In today’s world, you have to deliver great customer experiences in order to succeed. JERA can help you define what customers the organisation has on its doorstep, what matters most to customers, and equip the team to deliver exceptional experiences to the potential client. These efforts will yield happy customers, happy employees and happy stakeholders and through a process of market analysis, customer surveys, and consumer feedback, establish what a customer wants.
Project-based rates apply

Environmental Audit (Micro)

A businesses vision usually is developed at the very highest level. So sometimes that message is not coherent across the whole organisation. JERA can help a business and its team understand exactly what the statements in the vision means to the business and how it is important to an end user. Company culture and mission relies on alignment around a common vision. JERA can conduct extensive research into the organisations current Vison and Mission and establish is this is aligned to consumer trends and track the implementation of their strategic objectives so that maximum impact is achieved.
Project-based rates apply

Business Plan

Creating business plans requires perseverance, research and time. JERA can take the stress off an organisations shoulders and design a complete business plan for their business needs. Through compiling the strategy, research, and analysing an organisations market and competitive position, JERA is able to creating a clear and compelling business plan to articulate their opportunities.
A complete start-up business plan normally includes:
• Executive Summary • Company Summary • Products Services • Market Analysis Summary (Industrial Analysis, Market Needs and Trends, and Target Market) • Competitive Analysis • Strategy & Implementation Summary (Competitive Edge) • Marketing Plan • SWOT Analysis • Important Charts & Graphs
Project-based rates apply


Plan … Prepare … Do

In today’s business world, experience, knowledge, professional training and a deep pool of resilience to those proverbial ‘knocks’ that business will inevitably deliver, can make all the difference to an organisation. JERA Consulting has both experienced and navigated, over the last 25 years all that UK retail and manufacturing has to offer. It is a clear fact that in order to make magical things happen and in order to deliver a positive ROI, the more experienced hands that are available the smoother the journey will be. JERA can provide both practical and physical assistance to most projects and help the business deliver its product or service to their end user. With over 30 years retail experience and supply chain management, delivery is what JERA does.

JERA Consulting’s approach is very hands-on, and they are here to support you and your team.

Here are some examples of how JERA Consulting can assist you:

Project Management

Programme & Project Management (PPM) is about ensuring that projects and programmes deliver to time, cost, and quality. To do that, effective PPM will apply agile and tailored approaches, tools, and methods to build internal capability into your business. Through a process of design thinking JERA can help you align activities and outcomes with project or programme requirements. Your business is unique and JERA can work with your existing team to deliver your projects.
Project-based rates apply

Event Delivery

JERA has experience in delivering trade show activation and event support at shows like the National Running Show and Run For All. In order to create the perfect event there has to be established and solid relationships, ensuring that everyone involved wants to enjoy and requires a return. Whether it is volunteering, sponsorship, partnering or supplying. JERA can help you start on the right path.
Hourly rates and/or Project-based rates apply

Retail Consulting

There are always new challenges facing the retail industry, technological advancements, evolving customer expectations, supply chain issues and of course digital disruption. Retailers must adapt to meet changes for sustainable and profitable growth. JERA helps organizations develop and execute customised strategies that address today's challenges. JERA’s 25 + years experience in UK Retail uniquely spans omni-channel commerce and supply chains end-to-end processes; from order capture through to fulfilment and from supplier to end consumer. JERA takes learnt knowledge and best practices from years of delivery as well as research to enhance customer engagement, increase revenue and optimise supply chain efficiencies.
Project-based rates apply

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